If you are considering adding loft insulation, you could also consider adding loft insulation boards and invest in some upgrades to get an extra bedroom. According to valuers in The Halifax Home Improvement Survey 2006, loft conversions represent the best value for money. Prices start at around £8000 and most lofts with a roof height of at least 2.4 metres are suitable for conversion. Loft conversions are normally used to add another bedroom, and there’s often space for a value-boosting en-suite.

Getting a modern boiler also pays off. Investments to improve central heating and a modern boiler are a safe bet. Figures from Nationwide suggest this can add 13% to the value of a property.

Even if your property is already kitted out, investment in a new high-efficiency boiler is worth considering. These can cost £100-£200 more than conventional boilers, but will reduce your heating bills and attract ‘green’ buyers.

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You can upgrade your heating system with upright radiators by Warmrooms.co.uk that will not only pump heat effectively into every room in your home, but also look great and modernise your space at the same time so your home won’t look so old, even though it is.

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