leonardo-di-caprio-before-the-flood-free-streaming-youtubeLeonardo DiCaprio has released a new movie, or documentary. It’s called ‘Before the flood‘, and it’s quite different other films he has starred in so far. Basically, it is about his engagement in climate change.

The first time I started watching the documentary I turned it off after 30 minutes, as I found it a little depressing that we are destroying our planet so excessively because of our overconsumption. Large rain forests disappearing every year due to pressure from palm tree plantations, enormous amounts of ice disappearing every day as the ice caps in the poles and on Greenland is melting away due to higher temperatures. Depressing statistics about what will happen if we don’t do something soon.palm

But the next day, the 30 minutes I had watched really stuck on my mind. Climate change was really the reason why I decided to start Polareco as a business, I wanted to make it easier for people to take the steps to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

But I’ve been worried that people are really tired of hearing about it, and that what they want to read about is new sofas, cool designs and how to create a beautiful home. But I think that is only part of the picture, and that people can have both – a beautiful, nice home while also doing their part for the climate. About 20% of the carbon emissions in the UK comes from homes, and mainly from the energy we use to heat our homes. A lot of the energy in the UK comes from fossil fuel sources such as gas, which has a carbon footprint. Watching Leo’s documentary gave me renewed belief in people’s willingness to understand and engage in climate cange.
leonardo-dicaprio-in-before-the-flood-2016-1So, here’s what I suggest: Watch Leo’s documentary, it’s really good, and you can watch it for free on youtube. Then, take up some of the advice from Leo, such as eating less meat.

Then, send an email to smarthome@polareco.com and book one of our energy expert to come visit you and tell you how you can reduce your energy use and carbon footprint at home.