Last month I went to meet with Dr Franz Fuerst at Cambridge University. I wanted to ask him about his research, which states that improving the energy rating of my house can give me more money when I sell it.

Here is the thing. I love my home. I’ve done lots of changes to it already, lighter colours, removed a wall, changed some windows. But there are still a few things that needs doing. My energy bills are quite high as my flat is not so well insulated, and my boiler is also quite old. This makes the flat pretty cold in the winter, and even if the old windows and high ceilings are very beautiful, it is not very comfortable.

If I improve some of these things,  I know my flat will be much more comfortable, and I will save money on the power bill every year. But, I just don’t have a clue about which contractors to contact, where to start, how long it will take or how much it will cost. I’m also not really sure how much I would save. If I save £50 per year, do I have to wait ten years before my investment is paid back? It all seemed like so much hassle, so I never really ended up doing anything about it.

But then I came across Franz’ research saying that if I do these things, and after meeting with him, I am totally convinced about his research.

That is why I’ve started Polareco. So that when you go through the same thought process that I did, and you’re about to give up, just call us.

Looking forward to talking to you!

Mina Weydahl

Founder, Polareco.