..to turn down the heating before you left home? Or wish you could come home to a nice warm home after a long day at work?

Well, these kinds of problems can be easily solved these days with a smart
thermostat. Avoiding that you are heating an empty house can save you as much as £150 annually in energy bills, meaning that you savings on your energy bill can pay your thermostat within a couple of years.

 Google Nest actually learns your heating habits after a while, and will adjust the google-nesttemperature for you. You can install an app to go with it on your phone, allowing you to turn all heating off after you left the house. Nest currently has a campaign offering £30 off their products until November 28, giving it a total price of £219, installation included.

Cool features include: To help you save energy, Nest automatically turns itself down when nobody’s at home, and you can see a green leaf when you choose a temperature that saves energy.

hiveBritish Gas has also developed their own version of the smart thermostat, called the Hive. You can buy it online for £249, and control both your heating and hot water. The thermostat must be installed by a professional, this is included in the price.

Cool features include: Using the location of your phone, your app can remind you to turn off your heating after you left the house if you forgot, and suggest you turn it on when you are approaching home.

For those really chilly places, the termostat can automatically start heating at a minimum temperature to avoid your pipes and water freezing. Common problem in Norway where I am from!