Talking with an assessor makes it easier to know how to upgrade.

For homeowners:

It is hard to know where to find good installers and what you should pay them. If you are wondering whether your energy bills are too high, whether you should do something about draft around your windows and doors or perhaps do something about your insulation, we can give you advice. Send us an email and we will send one of our experts over to inspect your property, and send you a report on what we recommend, with the best prices we could find.

For landlords:

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards are coming into effect April 2018, meaning that if your properties are rated F or G, you have to upgrade to reach minimum E. If you want to know the state of your current properties and how you can upgrade them as cost-efficiently as possible, send us an email and we will assess your properties and give you the best value recommendations.

For tenants:

We can help you get a warmer home by analysing where your heat loss is greatest, and give you recommendations that are simple to implement and with given costs. You can use the Polareco report to share with your landlord to make it easier for them to consider whether an upgrade is worthwhile.

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