Mina Weydahl is the director and founder of Polareco. Mina has worked in energy and climate change for almost a decade, most recently with the United Nations Development Programme where she led the Environment Unit. Her daily work was to implement projects that enabled people to have access to energy, using renewable sources such as sun and wind. Mina has an MA in Political Economy from the University of Kent, and an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London.

Dr Deborah Adkins

Dr Deborah Adkins is the technical director of Polareco. In addition to working for Polareco, she is a research associate at Imperial College. Prior to joining Polareco, Deborah was Lecturer in Building Physics and Course Director for CIBSE accredited BEng Architectural Environment Engineering, UNNC. Deborah obtained her PhD from the University of Nottingham and her Masters in Advanced Mechanical Engineering from Leicester University, UK.