New EPC regulation affects landlords.

In April 2018, the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) will come into effect, meaning that it will be illegal to renew or begin any lease for properties that have an EPC rating of F or G.

The ‘good news’ if you are the landlord of a property with an F or G rating, being at the bottom of the scale gives you many options to improve!

A site visit would be necessary to determine the most cost efficient solutions at your property. We have put together a list of some upgrades that are both non-invasive and highly affordable:

  • Do you have open fireplaces? That will impact your EPC negatively even if the fireplaces are not in use, as you lose hot air up the chimney. Fitting a damper to your chimney that enables the flue to be mechanically closed can earn your several points on an EPC, and be the difference between an F and E rating. Cost of a damper ranges from less than £100 to several hundred pounds
  • Is there a hot water cylinder in your property with no or little insulation? You can earn many points by adding a jacket to it, especially if it is a sizable cylinder (more than 130 litres), choose insulation of minimum 50mm. You can buy jackets online for less than £50, it is a quite simple DYI job.
  • Changing lightbulbs from regular ones (the 40W, 60W, 100W) to LED bulbs (10W or less) can give you another point or two, and LED lightbulbs are easily ordered online at places like IKEA and Amazon for around £5 per bulb.
  • Add a programmer or room thermostat, this can earn you another few points. A smart thermostat like Nest costs about £200 to buy and install.

Combined, these measures are just a few hundred pounds and will reduce your tenants’ energy bills as well as ensure you are compliant with national legislation.  

However, there are many more smart options to consider, free to contact us at Polareco for more information about your specific property: