Find homeowners to test our energy service, win £200!

80% of us live in homes that are not very different from how they were 50 years ago (or longer)  in terms of energy use, despite the fact that there has been a revolution in energy services and technology since then. In addition, in a world where climate change is becoming a serious problem, saving energy has massive environmental benefits.

Polareco was created to make it easier for homeowners to know how to get a  more ‘energy modern’ home. We have designed a competition to get more homeowners to sign up to test our energy service for free, and we now need help from everyone out there who can help us find homeowners in London to sign up!

Winners can take home £200 for 1st place, £100 for 2nd place and £50 for third place.  Here is how to participate: 

  1. Watch our informative video detailing our services here
  2. Find as many home owners as you can that are interested in a free assessment service and sign them up. Feel free to share the video to explain how an assessment works.
  3. Submit an email to with a list of name, address, email address and phone number of each candidate you have signed up.
  4. Polareco will then contact each person on your list to book an assessment at a convenient time, ensuring each name is a genuine and the homeowner understand the service.
  5. A home assessment takes between 0,5 hours – 1.5hours, depending on the size of the property and how many questions the homeowner has.
  6. The assessment is completely free of charge.
  7. Deadline: March 10, 2017
  8. The submission with the most verified names and addresses wins!