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Month: December 2016

Polareco – in three simple steps

Why is it so cold at home?!

Winter is definitely here, the time of year when the tip of our nose is constantly cold, and our feet feel…well, they are not happy. Despite all the heating in near proximity being set to max, many of us still feel freezing at home.

One smart solution to end the misery is to book a Polareco home assessment and get things sorted sooner rather than later. But we’ll provide a little spoiler alert for now, your walls are likely to blame. The more external walls you have, meaning there is not another flat or building protecting your own place, the colder it gets.


Many homeowners want to invest in new windows or a new boiler, which is a great idea, however just check your walls first. If you have cavity walls, adding insulation is a fairly easy fix. If you have solid walls with no insulation at all, you can add internal wall insulation for £40-50 per square meter, and you will likely reduce your heat loss by more than 30%. Which means your bill will also be reduced by about 30%, at least in the winter, and you will save back your expenses fairly fast.

There are great solutions for internal wall insulation, and with new technology, 2-3 cm insulation means a world of difference, without reducing the total square meters of your home noticeably.



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