This week, Elon Musk revealed his new ‘solar roof’. I’d been quite excited about it for a while, because I want to get one of the Tesla powerwalls, and I was keen to know how he would integrate roof solar systems with the battery pack in a nice and affordable way.

I was not expecting what he came up with. In front of his usual group of disciples (a few shouting ‘save us, Elon!’ when he came to the topic of climate change), he revealed what the solar roof was. And it was just that – a roof made of solar panels, looking just like any other roof, or perhaps even nicer! I mean, that’s just crazy and brilliant at the same time.


I think half of the time I watch Elon Musk present on some of his new inventions, I wonder whether it is possible to do what he is envisaging; but it really is.

Being Norwegian, I come from one of the countries where electric cars are probably the least feasible modes of transportation – a long country where people are few and far between, basically freezing from October until May. Yet, Tesla sell more cars in Norway than (I think) any other country. It really started taking off with Tesla, allowing the environmentally conscious person to drive in style and dignity, and avoiding the feeling of driving a shoebox on wheels.

In other words, I believe that the amazing houses and roofs that Elon Musk presented on 28 October might be standard building practice in a few years. After all, he has a really good point:

tesla-solar-roof-slate-glassWho doesn’t want to live in nice neighbourhoods where people take good care of their homes and gardens, a neighbourhood where people care about their houses and the environment around them. It just makes sense to be smart about our living, after all, we and our families spend years of our lives at home, so it should really be a comfortable place to stay.