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Month: September 2016

Change light bulbs, get a £165 dinner

In 2012 an 11-watt LED bulb, which could replace a 60-watt bulb, cost a whopping £45. Today a 6W LED bulb, which is equivalent of a standard 60W light bulb, costs about £4,50led.

But is it worth spending £4,50 on a light bulb? It’s quite easy to calculate.

Say you want to change the kitchen light bulb, where you have a standard 60W light bulb today. You keep the kitchen light on about 2 hours in the morning, and about 4-6 hours in the evening, let’s say an average of 7 hours every day of the year. That equals 60W times 7 hours = 420Watt hours per day. Multiplied by 365 days, you see that your kitchen light uses about 153,300Watt hours per year, or 153KiloWatt hours. If the cost of electricity from your supplier is 12 pence per KiloWatt hour (kWh), your kitchen light costs £18,3 per year.

bulbNow let’s say that you decide to buy the £4,50 LED bulb that uses 6Watt instead of 60. If you still have the light on an average of 7 hours per day, you will use 15,330Watt hours in a year, or 15,3 KiloWatt hours. This equals £1,8 on your electricity bill per year. In only one year you have already paid back the cost of the bulb, and you are saving money every year.

If you have 10 light bulbs at home similar to the 60Watt one in the kitchen, this would amount to £183 on your electricity bill every year, compared to ten 6Watt LED bulbs that cost £18 per year.
You could use the saving of £165 every year on a dinner at one of your favorite restaurants, celebrating what a great decision you have made.

You are also doing the environment a great favor by reducing your carbon footprint.

New curtains, or new windows?


My friend said the other day that while she knows the difference between single and double glazed windows, that’s about it. UPVC values, triple glazing and carbon footprint are just not topics that she is very interested in. But one thing she does realize is that during wintertime, even with a lot of heating on, it is hard to get a comfortable temperature in her living room. Or, perhaps it is possible to have a nice temperature in parts of the living room, but near the windows there is always a stream of cold air.

Even though my friend is aware that she can save money on her energy bill and have a much more comfortable living room, she’s just not sure about the investment of changing windows. And how extensive will the work be, will she not be able to access her living room for days, maybe even weeks? And how many thousands are we really talking about?

With winter coming up, improving the warmth and comfort of the home would be a great thing, but many simply find the obstacles of making the final decision too many.

Uncertainty about the cost, duration of the work, how to find a reliable, quality installer and compliance with regulation for older buildings are barriers that leads many to just drop the whole idea and rather give the dinner guests a blanket during dinner.

That’s why Polareco offers a free first assessment of properties, so that anyone considering making investments to get a warmer living room, can know the price, the duration of the works, and even the installer, before they make a decision to buy.

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